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01 Seniors

Congratulations to the following Lions Players that have signed to play college soccer next fall. Congratulations and good luck moving forward!

Averi Mercer - Schreiner University

Honoring our Seniors...Averi
Averi is a member of our Lady Lions 01 White team. She has been with the Lions for 6 years. She is graduating from Samuel Clemens High School and was offered the first spot on the Schreiner University soccer team where she plans to attend in the Fall.
Her favorite memory is “in 2018, I scored the winning goal for state. This was the only game my dad missed because he was in the hospital.” 
What she learned from being a Lion...”Be a beast on the field and a beauty off the field.”
The best part about being a Lion...”My coaches and memories”

Ariana Nelson - University of Louisiana at Lafayette

"I was looking for a home away from home and UL was the perfect place to start that. I wanted to be a part of the culture of champions!"
"Ariana arrived early in the spring, and although things were unexpectedly cut short, she was able to benefit from an early transition. She's smart, and learned a lot about herself and the demands of the college environment. As an attacking player, she is a strong, talented player with the capability of causing problems for the opposition's defense."

Mikey Lott - Concordia University

Mikey is a member of our Lions 02 Red team. He has been a part of Lions FC for 9 years. Mikey will graduate from Judson High School and will attend Concordia University where he will continue his soccer career.  
He says, "One of my favorite memories while playing with the Lions was playing against the coaches as the senior team, alongside all of my friends I’ve played with over the years."
During his time as a Lion Mikey told us, "I’ve learned from playing with the Lions is that nothing is ever given. Working hard and never giving up is what will allow you to achieve your goals."
When asked what is the best part about being a Lion, Mikey said, "The best part about being a Lion is the experience and training it offered, as well as introducing me to some of my closest friends."

Alec - Northwestern College

Alec is a member of our Lions 02 Red team. He has been with the Lions for 2 years. He is graduating from Robert G. Cole High School and will be attending Northwestern College on a soccer scholarship. 
Alec’s favorite memories are, “The fun trips to Dallas.”
He says he has learned, “ so much from the coaching and the players. Diversity plays a big role in helping prepare for the future and I’m thankful for that and the many opportunities I’ve had in the past playing all of the world too.”

Alec says that the best part about be a Lion is, “the people that you meet.”

Emily Mowrer - Concordia University

Emily is a member of our Lady Lions 01 Red team. She has been in the club for 8 years. She is graduating from Steele high school and plans to attend Concordia University Texas in Austin, where she will continue to play soccer. 
Emily’s favorite memory “was winning the state cup and going to regionals in Louisiana.”
In her time with Lions FC she has learned, “You can’t play for yourself you play for the team!”
Emily says that the best thing about being a Lion is...”Getting to be around the most amazing coaches and teammates and family that supports you.”

Chloe Ramirez - Millsaps College

Chloe is a member of our Lady Lions 01 a White team. She has been with Lions FC for 9 years. She will be graduating from James Madison High School and will be attending Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi to continue her soccer career and study Mortuary Science.
Chloe says, “Two of my most fond memories are getting a handball at State outside the box and playing in a tournament where it came down to PK kicks and I threw up every time in between. We won!”
During her time with Lions she, as a goalkeeper...”learned over the years to look at the players waste and eyes. It will be a telltale sign where the ball will be going.”
The best thing about being a Lion for Chloe is, “The satisfying win at the end with my team.”

Titus Coleman- William Penn University!

Titus is a member of our Lions 02 Red team. He has been in with Lions FC for 4 years. He is graduating from Veterans Memorial High School, plans to attend William Penn University and continue to play soccer at the college level.  
Titus' favorite memory with the Lions is going on the England trip.
During his time with the Lions he say he has learned teamwork.  
Titus says the best thing about being a Lion has been traveling and playing with the team.