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Return to Play - Spring 2022

By Lions FC, 01/19/22, 7:00AM CST


COVID-19 Advisory Update (as of January  19, 2022)

As we come back to practice for the Spring season, we will continue to follow our Safe Return to Play Guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of our players and families. Please review the guidelines below.

Together we can slow the spread and ensure that our players can continue to enjoy the 2021-2022 soccer season.


Please take a moment to familiarize yourself and your player with what to expect for practices at Pride Park.


  • If player has tested positive for Covid, they will need to  quarantine for 5 days and have a note from their doctor to return or a negative test result before returning to team practices or games.  
  • If your player is not feeling well, for any reason, please keep them home.
  • If your player has come in close contact with someone (in the players household, classmate, teacher, ect. ) who has COVID,  the player must quarantine for 5 days following exposure before returning to team practices or games. Per CDC Guidelines, if you were exposed and up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccinations, you do not need to quarantine unless you have symptoms.
  • Players must bring their own soccer ball, drinks, and personal equipment – Sharing personal items should be avoided.
  • Players should use the restroom before coming to practice. We would like to limit use at the fields as much as possible.  


  • When driving into the complex, please follow the traffic cones and look for the PLAYER DROP OFF sign near the first gate entrance.
  • Players will only be allowed to enter the facility through this gate.
  • Players should follow social distancing guidelines as they walk to their practice field and not congregate together.
  • Players can choose to wear face coverings upon arrival and as they walk to their practice field.


  • Parents and spectators can either REMAIN IN THEIR CARS during the training session or sit along the fence line ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE COMPLEX.
  • Coaches and staff will wear face coverings as much as possible.
  • Players are allowed to practice with or without a face covering depending on personal comfort.
  • Players should avoid unnecessary contact with other players and coaches such as high-fives, hugs, and handshakes.


  • Players will be picked up near the PLAYER PICK UP sign near the last gate before exiting the parking lot.
  • Parents should move quickly to collect their players through the pick-up line to avoid long wait times.


  • Lions FC reserves the right to tailor our guidelines to best ensure the safety of all our occupants.
  • Anyone wanting to meet with a coach or Lions FC staff member should schedule a meeting time prior to arrival.
  • Social distancing guidelines should be followed at all times while in the practice facility.
  • Anyone entering and moving through the practice facility should use face coverings as much as possible until returning to their vehicle.
  • If your player becomes sick, please notify your coach or team manager immediately.
  • Be prepared to return to previous protocol phases if necessary.

The Lions Futball Club is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment as we welcome our players back for training. While we continue to work through this public health situation, trust that your player will continue to receive the quality training from our professional coaching staff that has built championship teams for over 20 years. We are excited, prepared, and ready!